Investigating the properties of nano nest-like nickel oxide and the NiO/Perovskite for potential application as a hole transport material

Agnes C Nkele, Assumpta C Nwanya, Nwankwo Uba Nwankwo, Rose U Osuji, A B C Ekwealor, Paul M Ejikeme, Malik Maaza and Fabian I Ezema

  • ANSN Editor
Keywords: nano


A simple chemical bath deposition method was employed in depositing nickel oxide films at different deposition times and afterwards they were spin-coated on by an already synthesized perovskite solar cell in an inverted planar architecture via a one-step spin-coating method. SEM results show nested and large compact clusters of oval-shaped grains while the EDX analysis confirmed the elemental composition of nickel and oxygen in the deposited films. The XRD results reveal an amorphous nature and a crystalline nature respectively for nickel oxide films without and with perovskite spin-coated on the surface. The optical results show good optical properties with a band gap energy ranging from 2.90 eV to 3.30 eV. The interfacial charge transport and recombination behaviour of the deposited films have been investigated with good electrochemical properties recorded. The obtained results on the inclusion of nickel oxide as a hole transport material makes it a good material in the production of highly efficient perovskite devices.

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