Ovarian Cancer: Potential biomarkers and nanotechnology based diagnostic tools

Shruti Sounkaria and Prakash Chandra

  • ANSN Editor
Keywords: nano


Due to lack of effective diagnosis, most of the women are diagnosed for ovarian cancer in late stages, which reduces their survival chances. Hence, there is a dire need for development of effective biomarkers and diagnostic strategies that can help in predicting the disease in early stages. Such developments can provide the biomarkers which have the capacity to provide effective results in limited time. They can direct the treatment strategies thereby revolutionising the way ovarian cancer is dealt worldwide. The article focuses on the current diagnostic and prognostic methods available and the potential biomarkers for ovarian cancer detection. These markers are currently being studied and validated. Some of the recent nanotechnological approaches that can be used to develop diagnostic platforms are discussed, which may represent the next generation of ovarian cancer diagnostics and prognostics.

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